Anna Shinoda

Aid for Victims of CA Wildfires

Other than writing, much of my time is dedicated to Music For Relief, a non profit organization that my husband and his bandmates established in 2005. We have been very busy the past few days researching how we can help with aiding the victims of the wildfires in Southern California that began Sunday evening and are still burning. At this time, sixteen wildfires have consumed over 420,000 acres from Santa Barbara to San Diego initiating the largest evacuation in the state’s history with over 500,000 people evacuated, and 2,000 homes destroyed or damaged.
Funds raised by Music for Relief will go to Direct Relief International during the immediate crisis followed by an ongoing effort to rebuild and reforest affected areas. Direct Relief International: a non profit organization helping Southern California neighborhood clinics, hospitals, and first responders meet the short-term medical material needs of vulnerable, affected residents recovering from the fires burning throughout the state. Direct Relief International is evaluating the long-term recovery needs of the affected communities and providing specifically requested supplies such as medicine, wheelchairs, eye wash, inhalers, and personal care and hygiene items to clinics caring for evacuees and other residents near the fires as well as supply particle masks and other tools to firefighters.We are currently looking into how we can help long term with rebuilding and replanting the areas burned. Please visit to make a donation and get further information about our efforts to aid the victims of the fire, as well as how you can help.

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