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Items May Shift in Overhead Compartments


Sorry for the long pause between my last post and now. On a flight recently, I went to get something out of my bag and my laptop literally flew out of the overhead compartment. The case it was in was no match for the not-so-soft-airplane floor and the six foot drop. My computer is still in the shop, but I have transferred all my hard drive info onto a temporary computer for the moment. I’m back to writing on a computer, instead of in my notebook, which was slightly romantic and fun for a minute until I realized how inconvenient it is to re-type everything I’ve written.

By the way, this is not my first Apple item to be destroyed in an airplane. Last year, I was in my chair with the seat reclined listening to my IPod, when I decided to get up to go to the restroom. I put the seat back into its normal position. Going to put my music on pause, I followed my headphone cord. As I realized the cord went deep into the seat, I turned to my friend and said, “there is a good possibility that I just ruined my IPod. I’m going to take a few moments to let myself accept that it may be completely crunched before trying to fish it out of the chair.” Sure enough, it was smashed -especially the screen. Amazingly, it was still playing music.

More exciting is my blog on Mike’s art opening last night at the JANM. I hope to have that up in the next couple of days, so please check back soon.

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One thought on “Items May Shift in Overhead Compartments

  1. I felt the tension in my heart when reading about ur poor iPod. :((
    Also.. Idk if u noticed but there has been no post about a certain someone’s art show D;
    Deceeeeeeeit. </3
    lol, jk. Keep writing, I like ur blogs 🙂
    The creative mind is a fascinating one


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