Anna Shinoda

More Songs Released on Download to Donate

More songs were released on MFR’s Download to Donate! Check it out by visiting!

Another site about Haiti worth checking out: Andrew MacCalla’s blog. Andrew is currently in Haiti as a representative of Direct Relief International, a charity organization that provides medical supplies to people in need around the world. His blog gives a realistic view of the struggles people in Haiti are facing, from the unique perspective of someone working for a charity organization. Reading his blog is my regular reminder that millions still need help in Haiti. Direct Relief is still taking donations for Haiti. Also, Music For Relief continues to raise funds through Download to Donate

You can join in support of the long-term recovery process in Haiti by downloading songs at MUSICFORRELIEF.ORG and making a donation in any amount. Then, EMBED THE WIDGET on your Facebook or MySpace page, your blog, or your website…wherever you can spread the word.  Every little bit helps.
Funds raised through the program will support the United Nation’s rapid disaster response efforts through the UN Foundation, long-term rebuilding of sustainable homes with Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthew’s Band’s BAMA Works Haitian Relief effort.  100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts.

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