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Learning Not to Drown Update and Other Stuff

Hello! Remember me? It’s no secret that I am awful at blogging–just look at my track record. So I’m trying my hand at Twitter, which has resulted in a few followers wondering “is this the real Anna Shinoda?” and wondering when my book will be able to purchase.

To answer the first question, yes, it’s me on Twitter: @AnnaShinoda

As far as my book goes…

I just sent in another round of edits on Learning Not to Drown to my fantastic editor over at Atheneum. Yes, this has been a much more lengthy process than I could have ever imagined. I am incredibly lucky to write for the love of writing, without the need of a paycheck rushing things along. I can choose to spend my days with my lovely children–who will only be this young for a precious few years–and work on my book during nap times and after I put them down to bed. That’s not a lot of hours to work, considering some of that time is eaten by cooking, cleaning, laundry, mending little outfits (as well as some big ones), tending my veggie garden, reading, and anything else I need to do without my little monkeys following close behind. My editor is an incredibly busy woman as well, and when my latest draft arrives in her office, is has to wait its turn before she can have a chance to review it and get back to me with her thoughts.

So my book comes out later than we planned.

While my editor has each draft, I continue to have life experiences that I can bring to my edits, making my novel richer, my characters more dynamic. As far as a release date, it continues to change, but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll actually see it in stores between January and June of 2014.

For now, I am plodding along on a first draft of my next novel and enjoying a lot of hugs, kisses, giggles and firsts.

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4 thoughts on “Learning Not to Drown Update and Other Stuff

  1. Hi, Anna,
    Please, where can I find/order/purchase your books? I´m a mother and a kindergarden teacher and I´m looking for some inspiration. I like your blog a lot, especially your green ideas for upcomming Halloween.
    Thanks for your time!

    Adriana, Czech Republic, Europe


  2. Hi Anna,

    I read somewhere that you wrote books on children being afraid of the dark, bullying or things like that? I am having trouble finding your books to buy. My daughter is 4 and she just started Kindergarten this past week. I’m hoping to read some good books on things like that to better prepare her for school etc. thank you for your time!

    Maria MacKeigan
    Worried mama 🙂


  3. Hi Anna! Despite I have fourteen years old (It is thought that most young people do not like to read) I love to read, especially novels. I thrilled to the idea that you undertake this project, will be among the first to want to read it!

    I like very much your blog 🙂
    So without further ado. I wish you success and many blessings.
    Greetings from Venezuela, South America: D

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  4. You’ve got the right idea! Let them growing be your inspiration, you don’t want to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime moments for something you can do for the rest of your life! Enjoy being a mother, and we’ll be waiting patiently. 🙂


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