Anna Shinoda

Learning Not To Drown: Available Now


Learning Not to Drown in stores now!

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8 thoughts on “Learning Not To Drown: Available Now

  1. melittlestone on said:

    Congratulations for your great work. 🙂


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  3. Hello, please, spend some time for my letter! It is my last chance to be alive.
    My name is Vitaliy, I am from Saratov, a small Russian town. I am 22 years old.
    In my life I had suffered a lot. I had a difficult childhood, my parents divorced, I often was faced with problems. Recently, I had an accident. I had suffered a head injury and it is changed me, I lost myself. I have only my mom, she lost a loved one a year ago and she can not to cope with his death. Now she is sick mentally and physically, we are both unemployed, we have no money for treatment. But I write this not for complain. There are only your group and your music in my life. Big part of me, of my soul, of my life it is your music. I am unhappy, but your music reanimates me, makes me happy! It is my personality, part of my DNA. And I pray to God for the salvation, for a better life for me and my mom.
    I ask to help me, I don`t mean money, I mean morally. May be you can employ me as a loader, it would make me happy! If there are miracles in the world, please, do one miracle for me. I really need help. You have million fans like me, I understand it, but I ask to make an exception for me, help me, in the name of the Lord!
    This is my last hope, I have no reason to live. I want to find the somewhere I belong, I belong to your music.
    “May your love never end and if you need a friend
    There’s a seat here alongside me.”
    I swear, I’m embarrassed to ask, but this is my last chance. I have an idea how to treat drug addicts. I believe and hope that the “Music for Relief” can help build hospitals. I just want to have mission in life, which has never been.


  4. tamaclagan on said:

    Congratulations on your book release! To help celebrate I’ve nominated you for the Liebster blogger award. You can find more information about it over at my blog


  5. Congratulations on your many successes and decision to share so much of yourself with the world. I am excited to read your novel and support your work as an old classmate and friend. Best Regards and cheers to many future hits!


  6. Hi Anna! My name is Cameron and I have a quick question about your blog and was wondering if you could email me when you have a moment. Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate your time. 🙂 cvonstjames[at]gmail[dot]com


  7. Raised in a small town and then moved to LA. Sounds like lots of different experiences to draw from. :]


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