Anna Shinoda

Out With the Old and In with the…Same?

Happy 2013!

Now that the clock has struck midnight in California, I am toasting in the New Year with my family (thank you word press for the ability to write this early and publish it just after midnight on January 1)  and I will (probably) be heading straight to bed, because tomorrow when I wake up, it will be January 1, 2013 and… well, not much will have changed, really.  Sure, it’ll be 2013, but no matter how late I stay out tonight, I’ll still have to wake up with my children, I’ll still have an unfinished manuscript that I began in September, my novel “Learning Not To Drown” will still be in the final editing process, my inbox will still be full of unanswered emails and my closet will most surely still be a mess… and I certainly will be putting off finishing any projects for at least another day, since New Year’s Day is a holiday.  Never mind all of the New Year’s resolutions spewed over drinks on New Years Eve, I can’t possibly start on anything productive for another day because it’s a holiday for crying out loud.

So Happy New Year!   Enjoy your holiday and friends and family.  Be safe out there.  And make a New Years resolution that will enrich your life in some way – one that’s do-able, one that you can connect with for the whole year.  Don’t vow to lose x amount of pounds or go to the gym five days a week, or any other loads of bull shit that you can’t possibly keep up with.  Resolutions that have served me well in the past were short reminders: have compassion, trust those that deserve your trust, say no to drama, say yes to fun… and for this year… my resolution is “don’t over think everything”.  I’m hoping that little sentence will get me making some decisions faster.  AND I can save imagining every possible scenario for that novel I started back in September.

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9 thoughts on “Out With the Old and In with the…Same?

  1. I hope all the greatest things will come to you(and LP,too)!Happy New Year everyone!


  2. No worries I vowed to lose a few pounds but I can keep up with the resolution since my resolution last year was not to have a single soda for an entire year. Since December 31st 2011 I haven’t had any soda, and I lost weight due to the amount of caffeine I cut out. Now this time it’s to eat healthier and stick with it. So far so good on that. Haven’t really experienced any real bad cravings or anything. I just been taking it slow and having no junk in the house really helps haha.

    Anyways, have a happy new year and I hope you enjoyed it!


  3. The only vow i make to myself, is to love my kids even more than last year, and trust me, my kids mean the world to me… I never had love from my parents when i lived at home, but my kids will never have to fear that. My heart is filled with love for them.
    As long as there is music and i have my kids, i will make it through the day 🙂
    Best wishes to you and your family, and i hope your novel will be released in Belgium to, I really want to read it 🙂
    Lots of greetings from Antwerp, Belgium


  4. tensh_iie on said:

    It’s kinda funny how people always claim to make such big changes in their life in the new year, but then… they do not. For me personally New Year’s is nothing that special. It’s good to spend it with family and someone you love, be together and catch up. But I could totally miss all the hype around it.
    Nothing really changes anyways. And if I want to change anything I can do it on any other day of the year as well.

    Anyways I hope you and your family had a good time, spend some calm and mellow hours together. I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope everything you wish for will come true! One year closer to your novel – release. So excited to finally hold in my hands NEXT year XD


  5. YoMarquesLP on said:

    Happy 2013, Anna! I hope you and your family will have a great one, wishing you loads of luck 🙂


  6. 2014 it’s soooo far 😦 I want LNtD right now! Happy Holiday for you and your family too!


  7. evooba on said:

    I know right? It’s kinda funny how we make a big deal out of celebrating New Year’s Eve and then we wake up the next day to the same old routine. Nothing’s basically changed. It’s just an excuse, may I call it, to leave back bad memories of the last months and set new goals for the ones ahead.

    Anyways, I wish you the best of luck for your novel and a Happy New Year to you and your family! (:


  8. wjmccardle on said:

    It’s nice to read the words “final editing process”. I can’t wait to read your first novel. Happiest New Year to you and your family, Anna!


  9. Best of luck on your novel Anna! Hope you and Mike and your little ones start the year with laughs and smiles (:


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