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Couldn’t Make it to Book Club? Let me know why…

If you wanted to make it to Book Club, but couldn’t, please let me know why!

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7 thoughts on “Couldn’t Make it to Book Club? Let me know why…

  1. Actually I was on the chat but I couldn’t say a word because I didn’t red that book. I even didn’t know about the existance of the book till you recommended it on the 1st chat, then 2 days after (right?), was the chat of the book club. U_U

    About the time, well, it was ok for me. Here (Peru) it was afternoon, 16 or 17 pm.


  2. Hi Anna, i live in Italy, and between Como and L.A. there are 9 hours time difference, and then i always have a lot of homework! i’m so sorry 😦
    ps. sorry for my english!


  3. I really loved the book..but I had exams the next day…and it was 3 am here in India…so unfortunately couldn’t join 😦 but i had a lot of fun in the previous chat…and looking forward to the upcoming chats..!!! 😀


  4. Anna, I ordered the book as soon as you announced the book club and received the book the day of the chat 😦 I already purchased “out of my mind” and I’m in chapter 6, kindle edition this time. Wanted to make sure I read it in time!


  5. Anna I speak from Colombia and apparently the book was not in my country, I look much but in the end … equally good I was very aware of your club. Thank you.


  6. Anna Actually when i tried to open the tiny chat on time it took alot of time to download and then it sent error messages i tried many times but it wont work , i tried to restart the internet but still didnt work i think the error is from the website so can u change it ?? Please i read the book again just to get into the chat and at last i couldn’t that’s unfair if u like to take an advice from me please change the website to mike used to do live chats there and it was working so can u please ??
    thank you so much 🙂


  7. I live in Vietnam,far far away,and we always have to study,and study,and study a lot,we don’t even have time


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