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Next Book Club – May 24, 2:00pm PST

We’ll be discussing How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff on Friday, May 24th at 2pm PST in my Ustream Chat: . If you are in a different time zone and need a little help figuring out when 2pm PST is for you, check out this magical site.

I know it’s a bit time before our next meeting, but I wanted to give everyone who wants to participate the chance to get the book and read it.  That, and  I have a very busy May, so I need time to re-read the book myself!

Hope to chat with you there!

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11 thoughts on “Next Book Club – May 24, 2:00pm PST

  1. I really wish I’d be able to come today. Sadly, I have finals, so no matter how much I love to read, this is a bit more important to me. I hope everyone that can make it will have fun.


  2. Could be on Tuesday huh? I’m working on Friday T___T Sad!


  3. evooba on said:

    I’ve finished the book already and have a lot to say about it lol. Dunno if I’ll manage to be on the chat but hopefully I will!


  4. Miss Mushrooms on said:

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  5. YoMarquesLP on said:

    Awesome! Thanks for giving us more time 🙂 Good luck for your busy May, see you in the chat!


  6. Miss Mushrooms on said:

    7 am Sydney time on a Saturday. Expect me to be chatting from underneath my blankets. But worth it. Catch you then!


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  8. I’m so glad you made this on a Friday! I was worried, I wouldn’t be able to make it cause I have to get up so early for work during the week. Also, I have yet to read the book so it’s good for me that you don’t do the chat earlier.
    Don’t forget to relax once in a while during busy May.


  9. Awesome! I need that time too, but I’m looking forward it!! I’m liking the story for now, but better leave my opinion for the chat 😉


  10. sounds good to me!


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