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Book Club August 15

Sorry I couldn’t post this on Saturday. I was in the English countryside for a wedding and had no Internet access and very little cell reception (I went through the five stages of grief and ended up in bliss by the end of the first day). When I returned to 2013, I checked the poll to find that Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta just barely beat out
And Tomorrow, When the war Began
by John Marsden.

Our next book club will be Thursday August 15 at 1pm. We will be discussing Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. If you want to get ahead of the rest of the class, you can order/start reading And Tomorrow, When the war Began
by John Marsden

Looking forward to chatting with you on August 15!

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6 thoughts on “Book Club August 15

  1. Oh, you said 1pm, not 2pm. I think that’s possible for me. Sorry, reading is sooo hard. Especially numbers. Can’t wait for the book club chat 😀


  2. Miss Mushrooms on said:

    6 am for me on the 16th. Ok I can make that happen.


  3. evooba on said:

    Hope you enjoyed my beloved England (and it’s surprisingly warm weather)!
    Not sure if I can make it on this one, August 15th is a national celebration day and consists of spending time with family and stuff. I’ll try my best though…will order the book for sure!


  4. aline4lp on said:

    Can’t wait for the chat, since I missed the last one! Gonna order the books right away…
    See you on the 15th 🙂


  5. I’m sorry, I won’t make it. 1pm at a weekday is too late for me in Germany since I have to get up early for work 😥
    Looks like a long book club break for me.


  6. YoMarquesLP on said:

    Awesome! Will order them soon, hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in time. Looking forward to the chat!


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