Anna Shinoda

Book Club September 30th

I think I remembered to post this on Twitter, but not here.  Whoops.

Hope you all can join us on Monday, September 30th at 1:30pmPST.   We’ll be discussing

Tomorrow, When the War Began 
by John Marsden

For reading this month’s Book Club selection, I’m going to be giving Oyster a try.  I’m intrigued by this app.  It’s subscription based reading… kind of like Spotify for books?  I prefer reading actual books, but I’m interested to see if I will read more each month and give books a chance that I wouldn’t normally read.  After all,  it’s all I can read for $9.95 a month, might as well sample as much as I can.  Maybe it will be rad.  Or maybe, like a cheap buffet in Vegas, I’ll end up over-stuffing myself and return to a simpler form of consuming.

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3 thoughts on “Book Club September 30th

  1. i love this book and the ones that go with it


  2. Still struggling to finish the book to be honest but I’ll be done by the 30th for sure!
    The app seems interesting, I’ve tried Kobo but I found it too expensive and with less books than iBooks offer so I’m on that for now.


  3. I’m in! I’ve read the book already, so “Come prepared, or not at all” won’t stop me (this time).
    This app sounds intriguing! Tell us all about it in book club, please. I love Spotify, but I’m not sure if a book flatrate is so cool. I’m too much of a library lover.


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