Anna Shinoda

Book Club Message

To everyone who has participated in Book Club: Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading along with you and hearing your opinions during our discussions.  I loved being exposed to new authors – thanks to those of you who suggested books and voted – and I hope you liked the selections I picked out as well.

In case you missed it: at our last meeting, I announced that I would no longer be able to host our book club. With Learning Not to Drown being released soon, trying to finish my next book, and spending time with my family, I have run out of spare hours.

Thank you again for making book club great!  

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3 thoughts on “Book Club Message

  1. Hi Anna, I entered one time only to the Book Club. It was very difficult to get with the times, I’m from Argentina and my English is not very good, so I always I had to translate the books and never came with time. It was very sad… I would have loved to be in each club as I would love to be part of the last read Learning Not to Drown, but not is if possible. Anyway congratulations for the great work you have done and for sharing your time with us. Much but much luck with Learning Not to Drown, it’s soon :D.


  2. Cruel irony- the day I finally create an account here to join your book club I see you are no longer hosting. I have kids…so I understand. For what it’s worth just know I was very interested:)


  3. I want to read Learning Not to Drown so badly, but I wasn’t a part of the book club 😦


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