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Guess Who Turned Six Months Old Today???

Oh Learning Not to Drown, it feels like just yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting your arrival, pacing my office with on the phone with my editor, agent and  publicist, obsessively checking Goodreads for any reviews, preparing for a my very first book signings and parties with.. itchy skin and an upset stomach… as well as brand new sharpies.  And look how grown up you are now!

I’m 6 Months Old!!

Maybe it was because of the sheer amount of people who came to welcome you into this world or maybe it was from the lack of sleep when you arrived, but  I kind of forgot to post pictures here of your first week in this world.  It’s a good thing, actually, I was so wrapped up with being in the moment of having my debut novel come out that I forgot to chronicle your arrival.

So to celebrate your 6th month birthday I am finally posting pictures of your release week.

We started off on March 31st at Book Soup, where I did a reading, discussed Learning Not to Drown, and signed some books. The surprise of the evening was seeing my friend Edward Santazio.  Edward and I used to work at Pottery Barn together a hundred years ago, and now he’s using his talents as photographer.  He took these lovely photos (with the exception of the one he’s in.  That one Mike’s handiwork):

The morning of April 1st, my husband and I went on Good Day LA to talk a bit about Learning Not to Drown and what life looks like for us as a creative couple:

At Good Day LA with Steve Edwards and Maria Sansone

At Good Day LA with Steve Edwards and Maria Sansone

Our good friends, Lisa Ling and Paul Song, hosted my book release party at their home in Los Angeles.  Innis Casey Photography is responsible for all of these great pictures:

Then I headed to New York to celebrate with some of the most important people: my agent and the staff at Atheneum and Simon and Schuster.  I am forever grateful to each and every person who made bringing my novel into this world a reality – and so we drank wine and ate delicious food and they even put up with me reading a little bit.

While I was in New York, I also stopped by Book Court to do another reading and signing.

Waiting to go into Book Court

Waiting to go into Book Court

Reading at Book Court

Reading at Book Court


Back in Los Angeles, I wrapped up my book launch with a signing and speaking at the LA Times Festival of Books.

LA Times Festival of Books with Carrie Arcos and Shannon Messenger

LA Times Festival of Books with Carrie Arcos and Shannon Messenger

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11 thoughts on “Guess Who Turned Six Months Old Today???

  1. Hello Anna, Congratulations on the success of your book! So many positive reviews and requests for translations in different languages. It was an honor to be at the your book signing and capture those special moments. Also, I big thank you for the support & shout out on my photography!

  2. Congratulations, Anna, I am happy that your dream came true. I’ve just finished reading the story of Clare – and even if there is no hungarian translation, I really enjoyed every single line in your book by reading that in english, too! To be honest – thanks to your special writing style -, I couldn’t put it down until the end. I had three fabuluos nights filled up with all those thoughts and feelings you wrapped in sentences – everything has disappeared from my reality during the time I was reading your novel. Thank you for that. I also loved the way you built up the story by using two timelines, and your perfectly created characters as well. I need to say thank you to the person who wrote about your book in his blog before and I luckily found his post that inspired me to order the Learning Not To Drown – you know I love to read (and write) and I always look for special novels that are somehow different than the stories I’ve met before. Congratulations once again, and keep writing please, because your first book is really amazing, it would be a great pleasure to read more novels by you!

  3. lparsons15 on said:

    Congratulations!!! So exciting! Seriously one of the best books I have ever read, can’t wait for the next book.

  4. Big congratulations, I can´t believe it´s already 6 months! I love LNTD, especially Clare´s character – you described her personality and thoughts very realistically. As a reader, it´s easy for me to put myself into topic because of real description and authentic feelings you put into story.
    Thank you for sharing those lovely photos to let us see your success and happiness since day one. Are you planning to visit some book stores in Europe or accompany LP during their EU tour? It would be great if there´s any chance to meet you in person, because you are my inspiration as an author and you are also great motivator.
    I wish you all the best and I´m very excited to read another piece from you!
    Take care,

    Adriana Macalik, Czech Republic

  5. YoMarques on said:

    Congratulations on this amazing book, Anna! Thank you for sharing all these great pics and events with us, it’s great to see the whole journey so far. I wish you all the best and loads of success with this book and future ones, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us 🙂

  6. Your book is already in my country in Poland! I’m just waiting until it’s a bit cheaper, because a lot of costs, and money poorly …
    I dream of this book with your autograph and Mike, of course, too! You are my inspiration! You as a writer, Mike as a guitarist and (let’s face it I love his voice) rapper. I would like to one day stand before you and say even “hello” because at no more I could afford it with joy and all. It’s beautiful when you are aware that thousands of people in the world are reading our words and curious about him written story. I am convinced that when I buy your book, it will be my gem, which I take pride everywhere I can! (for mistake in text I sorry… I use translator google’s)

  7. Congratulations on your success. LNTD is truly a wonderful book and worthy of all the attention it gets 🙂

  8. evooba on said:

    Wow! Has it really been 6 months already? Crazy! It’s an amazing book and I’m so happy to see that so many people loved it and it has become such a big success! Congrats on your achievement, I can’t wait to read more books from you in the future!

  9. Congratulations Anna! Happy Birthday to LNTD as well :)! This is definitely a big achievement for you, and this is amazing on how far the book has come. Skeleton is my favorite character! I hope to see more awesome books from you in the future!

  10. Congratulations on this awesome book Anna 🙂 You look very happy on those pics 🙂 Seems like awesome 6 months 🙂 Great job!

  11. Congrats, Anna on this big achivement. Your book is amazing. I loved reading and rereading several times and it always touches me with its sincerity, warmth, humor and personal touch. I wish you the best in everything you do and I can’t wait to read your next book!

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