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Die Mitte Von Allem

Die Mitte Von Allem cover

On January 20th, Die Mitte Von Allemthe German translation of Learning Not to Drown was released.   Me being classic me has been trying to think of what to write for my blog post about it for a little over two weeks.  (Now you know why it took me ten years to write a novel.)

Every time I tried writing this post, one consistent thought came to mind:  It’s weird having a book translated into a language I can’t read.  It’s completely and totally bizarre.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad weird.  I’m thrilled.  But it’s still strange.

So how did this translation come about?  Last May my editor at Atheneum emailed me the news that they had made my first foreign sale to Magellan in Germany.  This fall, while on a visit to Berlin, I met with my publisher and my publicist.  I found out that the title would be Die Mitte Von Allem (The Middle of Everything) and was shown this beautiful cover – which, by the way, I love.  It could not be more different from the original, but it feels right.  It feels like Clare’s story is behind that cover.  As strange as it is to have it translated into words I can’t understand, it blows my mind that Clare and Luke and Peter… and Skeleton… are now living in another language.  Thanks Magellan, translator Petra Koob Pawis, and all the German readers choosing to spend some time with the Tovin family.

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9 thoughts on “Die Mitte Von Allem

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  4. I’m an active reader, much want his book translated into my language. Portuguese!
    I hope to have news soon.
    thank you beautiful.


  5. Gabrielle Muniz on said:

    Can’t wait to have your book translated in my language – portuguese! Until then, I’m meticulously reading the original one.

    Learning not to drown at the middle of everything – hey, what a catching verse.

    Congratulations on your german achievement and the upcoming translations!


  6. I can’t imagine opening that book and not understanding your own words! But like you said, not in a bad way. Would be great to see it come out in Italian or Spanish. If it ever is released in the Czech Republic, I’d buy it just to know I have something that -could- sound stunning if only I spoke the language haha. Can’t wait to see what other languages gift their young adults this story with. Congratulations, Anna!


  7. ΕvoΟba on said:

    I gotta admit that you had me confused when you first announced its release. I thought it was a completely different book (consisting of small stories maybe) that you put out and then I realized it was just the German translation of LNTD. LOL huh? But, it must be amazing to have your book translated to another language. Mike even talked about it in the LPU chat today, told everyone to read it. Hopefully there will be more translated copies in the future! Congrats! 🙂

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  8. I would like to buy your book, but don’t have it in my country in my language… so… ok… You can think that I’m seriously stupid, and hardcore, and mentally ill, but I want to try… I want to ask, because who ask not err, and the world belongs to the brave, and… I believe in a dream, and I’m an optymist. So… ekhmmm (I’m nervous because I do not know how you react about my question) ok…. I would like to ask you if is posible buy your book from you. With autograph… I will not probably ever had the opportunity to see you face to face, and some day I think
    “Ask her. Why you so scared? She agree or not… and tell you how much cost it (If she agree). She don’t kill you for question. Come on! ASK!”
    So I ask… book with your autograph (I don’t even think about you and Mike autograph because it will be a huge happiness)
    awww my dream xD haha… But I ask. And I’m pround of myself that I dare to! 🙂 Even if I used a translator to my statement was understood for you ^^
    It will be for me a honored if you answer me and take a few minutes of your time to answer.
    Greetings for you, and your family.
    Gosia from Poland 🙂


  9. YoMarques on said:

    That is indeed a beautiful cover! Congratulations on having it translated into german, and hope to see it translated into other languages in the future. Wish you loads of success!


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