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Mike Shinoda’s LEARNING NOT TO DROWN Playlist

Ready for something fun?

In a movie, everything is completed for you and handed to you – music, details of the setting, what the characters look like, how their voices sound.  But books let the reader finish the story, fill in the details based on their own experiences and tastes.   So, when my friends over at Atheneum/Simon & Schuster asked me if I’d like to put together a soundtrack for Learning Not to Drown, I politely declined.  I don’t want to tell anyone what kind of music Clare and her friends might be listening to because part of the magic is that the readers can fill their soundtrack.

However, when I told my husband Mike about the idea, he got excited.  “I want to do that.  It’d be fun to put together a playlist of what I think Clare would listen to.”

So….if you are wondering what songs were bouncing around in Mike Shinoda’s head when he read Learning Not To Drown, here is his playlist:

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College, Sunset Strip, and Meeting Mike

Sunset Strip will always feel like college.  Living in Long Beach, it was only about a thirty minute drive away, and my friends and I often went there to see bands up close in tightly packed, sweaty venues that held no more than two or three hundred people.  I was in a sorority in college.  The one I joined was known for “letting anyone in” meaning, we didn’t judge girls by their race, weight or sexual orientation.  We weren’t your stereotypical sorority, so while others that fit that bill may have been busy doing whatever they do, my sisters and I were piling in our cars and going to the Whiskey or Roxy or Billboard Live or Troubadour or Coconut Teaser to see bands we loved and to support our friends in their musical endeavors.  It was at a party at Brad and Phoenix’s apartment after a Xero show that my friend from Long Beach State, Mark Wakefield, introduced me to the rapper in his band.

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