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Mike Shinoda’s LEARNING NOT TO DROWN Playlist

Ready for something fun?

In a movie, everything is completed for you and handed to you – music, details of the setting, what the characters look like, how their voices sound.  But books let the reader finish the story, fill in the details based on their own experiences and tastes.   So, when my friends over at Atheneum/Simon & Schuster asked me if I’d like to put together a soundtrack for Learning Not to Drown, I politely declined.  I don’t want to tell anyone what kind of music Clare and her friends might be listening to because part of the magic is that the readers can fill their soundtrack.

However, when I told my husband Mike about the idea, he got excited.  “I want to do that.  It’d be fun to put together a playlist of what I think Clare would listen to.”

So….if you are wondering what songs were bouncing around in Mike Shinoda’s head when he read Learning Not To Drown, here is his playlist:

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Book Club September 30th

I think I remembered to post this on Twitter, but not here.  Whoops.

Hope you all can join us on Monday, September 30th at 1:30pmPST.   We’ll be discussing

Tomorrow, When the War Began 
by John Marsden

For reading this month’s Book Club selection, I’m going to be giving Oyster a try.  I’m intrigued by this app.  It’s subscription based reading… kind of like Spotify for books?  I prefer reading actual books, but I’m interested to see if I will read more each month and give books a chance that I wouldn’t normally read.  After all,  it’s all I can read for $9.95 a month, might as well sample as much as I can.  Maybe it will be rad.  Or maybe, like a cheap buffet in Vegas, I’ll end up over-stuffing myself and return to a simpler form of consuming.

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